Melvins Deliver Trio of Bass in Berkeley
Melvins Cornerstone, Berkeley January 21, 2019 Photos by Elizabeth Gohr. You can spot King Buzzo from a mile away. Strapped with the only guitar on stage, Buzzo (Roger Osborne) gazed over the crowd through his frizzy, grey mop. Steven Shane McDonald and Jeff Pinkus plucked and pulled not one, but two bass guitars, and drummer Dale Crover pounded his kit from back-and-center. It's been 27 years since Melvins played in Berkeley — their last gig was in 1992 at Berkeley Square, a small University Avenue club that shut down in the nineties but hosted legends like The Ramones. People chatted about being at that show, declaring their lifelong fandom as they eagerly tilted forward on their tippy toes to get a better view of The Cornerstone Brewery's stage. "This is special," said a man to the friend beside him. "We're damn lucky to see this." It's not that Melvins don't tour. By their own estimate, they've played well over 3,000 shows. The room felt electric because the sold-out show was at a