Getting Weightless with Earthless at The Chapel
Earthless The Chapel October 26, 2017 All photos by Ruchita Lalmalani There are few trios that can levitate a room for two hours by playing instrumental soundscapes, but that is exactly what Earthless recently did to the Chapel and all who packed into the Valencia Street music hall. Have hallucinogenic music….will travel. Under a pulsing sky of psychedelic color gel clouds and a projected archway proclaiming their name, Earthless, quietly sauntered onstage to the shouts and cheers from the assembled crowd. That entrance would be the last thing they did quietly all night. Lighting the fuse of the evening, Isaiah Mitchell's wailing wah-drenched guitar crashed into Mario Rubalcaba's thunderous drums, and was lifted off the ground by the ferocious bass rumble of Mike Eginton. The volume swelled, and the San Diego trio of heavy-handed head trip instrumentalists zagged directly into a hefty 30 minute mash of 'Uluru Rock' and 'Violence of the Red Sea' (both off of From the Ages – 2013,