Danko Jones Uplifts Slim's
Danko Jones Slim's February 19, 2019 Photos by Raymond Ahner. Canadian rock trio Danko Jones recently embarked on a U.S. west coast tour with Nashville Pussy and Prima Donna, and last week pulled in to Slim's in San Francisco, where they proceeded to put on a rock show that had their fans almost as excited as they were. Opening their set with "I Gotta Rock," Danko Jones set the tone for the evening early. Vocalist and guitarist Danko Jones was clearly happy to be on stage and was definitely feeding off of the energy that the fans in the front row were feeding him. Bassist Jon Calabrese kept the low-end heavy while still rocking out, while drummer Rich Knox kept it all together. Highlights from their set included "Lipstick City," "Dance Dance Dance," and "Burn in Hell." By the time the band wrapped up their set with an encore of "Wild Cat," "Cadillac," and "Rock Shit Hot," they had clearly made some new fans. Support on this tour comes from Nashville Pussy, the Atlanta based four-piece