Chicano Batman bring Psychedelic Soul to the Mystic
Chicano Batman Mystic Theater, Petaluma April 26, 2019 Photos by Paul Piazza It was a Friday night to remember at the Mystic Theater in Petaluma when Chicano Batman came into the sleepy Peninsula town on the eve of one of the biggest local traditions of the year - the annual Butter and Egg Festival. The Los Angeles based-band had sold out the show over a week in advance and everyone in the house was prepared to be immersed in the band's contagious psychedelic soul and fiery rock-out energy. But nobody expected the epic show that the band brought to us on this night would take things to an entirely new level with a set so hot you could place a skillet on the stage and fry up some butter and eggs with chorizo. The four-piece (they have a fifth touring member on keyboards/vocals) came out and proceeded to rock the faces off the crowd in a set that exceeded 90 minutes with some slightly new interpretations of some of their best-known songs. The energy in the room, which was already