A Night of Epiphanies with This Will Destroy You at the Great American
This Will Destroy You Great American Music Hall November 14, 2018 Photos by Nicole Baptista. Glowing faces hovered over the second-story ledge of the Great American Music Hall. People peered down upon the stage and narrow floor — a cross-legged man sat near a pillar, his red headlamp illuminated his hands as he gracefully juggled five glass balls. A mostly male crowd stood quietly, waiting for doomgaze masters This Will Destroy You to blow their minds. Jeremy Galindo sat on a stool on the left side of the stage; he leaned forward and closed his eyes as he plucked his guitar. He didn't look up often. Every bandmate become visibly lost in the music as they played, and it was clear that the crowd was simply there for the mesmerizing ride. Opening the night with new track "Melted Jubilee," fans swayed along to the lengthy atmospheric piece. Then dipping into older material, fans cheered at the start of "Dustism" (Another Language, 2014) and reveled in the nostalgic wall of noise that is