Danko Jones at Slim's on February 16, 2019
Danko Jones Slim's February 16, 2019 Buy Tickets If you've been following the Danko Jones saga at all for the past two decades, then it should come as no surprise that the man's new album, Wild Cat, opens with a song called "I Gotta Rock." Danko is, after all, a man whose oeuvre includes such R-word directives as "Rock Shit Hot," "Do You Wanna Rock?," "Rock 'n' Roll Proletariat," and "Rock 'n' Roll Is Black and Blue." Just as cows moo and cocks crow, Danko Jones exists to rock. It's his innate, guttural mode of expression. His daily ritual. His life's work. But as "I Gotta Rock" cuts the leash of Wild Cat and kicks into its furious sprint, what strikes you is not so much the self-evident message as the desperation in Danko's delivery. You'd think that after 20 years, nine albums, world tours with the deities like Ozzy Osbourne, Guns 'n' Roses and MotoĢˆrhead, and countless main-stage appearances at the world's premier music festivals, DankoJones would have had his fill of rocking. But