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⬤ VALIE EXPORT. Action Pants: Genital Panic. 1969 ⬤ $1,000 Bagel Is Back in New York City! 💸 ⬤ Vampire Billionaires 😈💉 The Secretive Family Making Billions From the Opioid Crisis ⬤ E-cigs are being adapted to smoke heroin, crack cocaine and ecstasy to make detection harder ⬤ How to Win a War on Drugs ⬤ People Are Dying Because of Ignorance, not Because of Opioids ⬤ 'Of course it's loaded you stupid shit' Final words of GHB user who was fatally shot during drug-fuelled 3some ⬤ RIP Mr. Lahey from Trailer Park Boys Equifax Deserves the Corporate Death Penalty ⬤ The opioid epidemic: How Congress and drug company lobbyists worked to neutralize the DEA ⬤ Drink Up: High Lead Levels Found in Two InfoWars Supplements ⬤ Monster