Led Zeppelin Stairway To Heaven Opening Guitar Part Stolen? | SeMeN SPeRmS SuPeR SiTe
Led Zeppelin are gettin' sued for the opening guitar chord progression on Stairway To Heaven Some say it sounds like this, also (at 3:00) httpv:// It's not like they don't have a history of bitin' "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" - A folk song by Anne Bredon, this was originally credited as "traditional, arranged by Jimmy Page," then "words and music by Jimmy Page," and then, following legal action, "Bredon/Page/Plant." "Black Mountain Side" - uncredited version of a traditional folk tune previously recorded by Bert Jansch. "Bring It On Home" - the first section is an uncredited cover of the Willie Dixon tune (as performed by the imposter Sonny Boy Williamson). "Communication Breakdown" - apparently derived from Eddie Cochran's "Nervous Breakdown." "Custard Pie" - uncredited cover of Bukka White's "Shake 'Em On Down," with lyrics from Sleepy John Estes's "Drop Down Daddy." "Dazed And