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☛ Baby stroller rolls away as women fight on L train (VIDEO) In the video, the woman pushing the stroller gets into an argument as the train pulls into a station. During the confrontation, which quickly becomes physical, the baby's stroller rolls onto the subway platform. As the fight continues, horrified straphangers attempt to break up the fight as well as bring the baby's disappearance to the woman's attention. After the fight is broken up, the woman with the child walks off the train and pushes the stroller, baby in tow, along the platform as the other woman continues to shout from the subway car. ☛ Teens Charged For 'Raunchy Party Antics on Bus [Video] Police are investigating after raunchy videos of teenagers partying on a school bus bound for a southern Ontario beach were posted to the Internet.The videos show dozens of teens -- decked out in sunglasses, tank tops and shorts -- dancing in the isles of a yellow school bus en route to Grand Bend, Ont., while music blares in