Pokémon Sword and Shield leaks: What we know
Update: The games are out! Check out my initial impressions right here! Have you heard? No, Brexit hasn’t been revoked. No, nor did the almost equally rage-inducing Poké-Brexit (sorry guys, looks like you aren’t making the cut into the next game). Buuuuut something exciting in the realm of Galar is happening! The game is leaking! After months of being starved of any real, tangible information about the next gen of Pokémon, we’ve finally got some answers. We know all of the starter Pokémon’s final evolutions (yeesh), we know what the dreamy Ponyta’s evo looks like and much, much more. Edit: Unfortunately, Nintendo are cracking down on ShSw leaks. Out of respect for them, I’ve decided to remove the spoilers from the game from this post. I’ll still talk about what we can expect, and what I saw, but I won’t be showing any spoilers anymore. What are the starters final evolutions? We’ve finally been graced with the evolution chart of the starters! And… they’re quite something. While my initial reaction was to kill them all with fire, I’ve actually weirdly warmed up to Cinderace. I’ll cherish my fiery rabbit boy forevermore. Without spoiling too much, I’ll just say to… prepare yourself for how the starters look. They won’t be to everyone’s tastes, but, with time, I’m sure we’ll all grow to love them… Eventually. I’m already a Cinderace fan, and I hated him at first! There’s also a slew of new Pokemon! Again, without divulging too much at the risk of myself coming under fire, but know that there’s a whole bunch of new Pokemon on their way – around 40 or so, in fact! Quite a lot of them are animal-inspired, representing the beauty of the English countryside, and some are pretty out there design which I can’t wait to see in the wild! Excitement levels are high! We’re getting quite a few Galarian forms As we’ve seen with Ponyta, some of our favourite Pokemon are getting new forms! The Ponyta form was gorgeous and whimsical. I’ve seen another form that is… unusual, but I love that GameFreak are pushing the boundaries a bit a mixing up their designs – similar to how they did in Pokemon Sun and Moon. The game is super pretty Before the Big Spoiler Take-Down™, I had a screenshot up of in-game, and it is beautiful. We can see that from the trailers and stuff that they’re already released officially anyway – but it just looks stunning. I can’t wait to get lost amongst the realms of Galar for hours on end, let me tell you! Which returning Pokemon are in the game? Out of respect for Nintendo, I won’t list all of the Pokemon that have been excluded. However, I will say this – the Pokedex amounts to around 400 in total – meaning that less than half of our faves are returning. Personally, I’m okay with this decision – but I know that many hard-core Pokemon fans are upset by it – and quite rightfully so. For those of us that have already seen the leaks in the deep wide web of the internet, we don’t know if any of these leaked Pokémon are version exclusives yet, which isn’t helping my agonising decision of pre-ordering either Sword or Shield! Please, Gamefreak, just let us know! Which Pokemon got leaked? We got a leak of Yamper’s evolution – ya know, the cute little doggo Nintendo already revealed. I won’t go into details – but I LOVE HIM AND WILL PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS! There’s also a bunch more of interesting looking Pokemon that I can’t wait to get my hands on. But for now, my lips are sealed. We’ll have to wait until November 15th and get our hands on the game and see them in the flesh. I mean, I’m sure people’s opinions are going to be very divided on the new bunch of pals, but I think they’re pretty solid – so far. The Gigamix forms look… okay; but I personally think that the new Pokémon look wonderful, and I can’t wait to welcome them onto my team to journey across Galar. November 15th can’t come quick enough. Have you decided on your Sword/Shield team, yet? I’m probably gonna go for Scorbunny, the gothic bird, Yamper and the mysterious fire fox, so far – but things can change. Let me know your favourites down in the comments! To pre-order the games, check out Amazon’s link below! For more on Pokémon, check out my list of 11 Pokémon who deserve more love. Or, for more on geeky stuff, check out why I think Nancy Wheeler is the best character in Stranger Things. Related