Whatcha Watchin’? (+ other ramblings) September ’19
Hey Streamers! So I thought I’d do a monthly post where I’m a little bit more personal than in my usual reviews and articles. ‘Whatcha Watchin’?’ will be where I ramble about my blog progress, setting goals for the month ahead, what I’ve watched (duh), what video games I’ve played and what I’ve been up to for the past four weeks. Exciting, right? It’s almost October! My favourite month of the year. Pumpkin spice lattes are brewing (don’t judge me), the leaves are turning into their beautiful fiery shade of red and orange, and I’m finally allowed to say I’m staying inside all day to play video games without the judgemental eye that whispers but it’s so nice out! Go and enjoy the sun! Uh, no. I hate the sunshine. Give me my fairy lights and a cup of tea any day. Blog Updates September’s been a busy month! I went to Amsterdam for a week with my best friend, went to London to visit my pal who’s getting married, and went to see Muse at the O2 (more on that later). Despite this, I managed to churn out 6 blog posts this month. Check them out below! Back To Hogwarts Tag – Find out what House I’m in, what I’d study at Hogwarts and more. A cute, quick little blog post that makes me wanna go to Hogwarts more than I already do! 11 Pokemon that deserve more love – Spoilers: I’ve loved Pokemon since I was six-years-old, playing Pokemon Yellow as a wee little child. It helped birth my love of video games, and for that I’ll forever be thankful. Check out my list of 11 Pokemon who I feel don’t get enough love. Every Lady Gaga album, ranked – If you couldn’t tell for the abudance of posts, I love Lady Gaga. Like. A Lot. I need to create a category for my Gaga posts, really. In the meantime, check out how I rank all of her albums. Marina’s acoustic ‘Love + Fear ‘ EP is magnetic – Another pop music post. I admit it, I’m a pop music whore. I just can’t get enough. Marina’s reimagining of ‘Love + Fear’ in an acoustic form is, quite simply, delicious. Muse’s ‘Simulation Theory’ tour is an electrifying display of sci-fi rock – Life goal achieved! I actually got to see Muse! Can you believe it? I went with my Dad and my brother and had an absolute blast. Check out my review, if you so please. ‘AHS: 1984’: 5 theories about the slasher season – AHS is back, bitches! After watching the first season, a million and one (okay, I’m being dramatic, it was five), ideas came into my head about which direction the season is going in. Blog views: Monthly views: 3,144 Average by day: 108 Total views: 18,321 Blog Goals Next month I’d like to whack out 8 blog posts – so 2 a week. I’d also like to hit up to 4,000 monthly views. At least I should be smashing 20,000 total views in October! Eek! I’m gonna be doing a blog post to memorate ‘A Star Is Born’s one year birthday in October, and probably focus more on video games, too. I also need to organise my tags and cateogries on here as well. What have I been watching? American Horror Story: 1984. It’s back! One of my favourite shows, like, ever. I’ve only watched two episodes, but I’m already in love with how this show is panning out. Slasher, camp, gory and fun… this season has a certain spark about it that others have been lacking. The Magicians: Season 1. Man, how have I avoided this show for so long? I devoured all of the books in a few weeks and adored them. I’m just at the end of Season 1, and I can’t wait to sink my teeth into my fantasy goodness. Disenchantment: Season 2. Ah, the weird ass animated fantasy epic from Matt Groening. Season 2 hasn’t disappointed. It’s just so easy to watch, man! Futurama: Season 3. Following on from that vibe. Sometimes, you just need an awesome ass-kicking Leela in your life. Nashville: Season 3. I’m watching this with my Dad, and oh Gods above, I love it. It’s like my version of a soap opera, only with country music thrown in! I can’t get enough. What have I listened to? Lady Gaga? What a surprise. My most played album this month was ‘Lover’ by Taylor Swift, which I can’t get enough of and had to review. I obvs listened to a lot of Muse before I saw them live! And Marina’s acoustic ‘Love + Fear’ EP. I also discovered The Maine’s new album, which is pretty sick. But yeah, most of my music listening was in cloudy Amsterdam with Lady Gaga’s tunes for company. To stalk my music listening habits more intensely, check out my article about What have I been playing? Dragon Age: Inquisition. (PS4) Oh, dude, I love this game so, so much. I’m gonna probably do a separate post about it soon enough. Wandering around with my gang (Dorian, Sera and Iron Bull, duh), is so much fun. I keep getting distracted by the hundreds of side quests, though, and decorating Skyhold so it looks nice and pretty. I’m just about to do the Fade main quest, and I’m playing it on Nightmare difficulty. Wish me luck, y’all. First, though, I simply have to clear out Crestwood… One more side quest and I’ll stop, promise. Life Is Strange. (PS4) I’ve played this before, but with a friend. I’ve never played it start to finish completely solo. I played Life Is Strange: Before the Storm earlier this year and adored it. Oh so much. And the first game is no different. It’s so chill, so mellow, with beautiful art and chill music to enjoy as you control Max. Then the WILD decisions come, the screen pulses as you’re told to make a choice. Then, ‘this action will have consequences’ appears and you’re left shaking your head and questioning everything you’ve ever done. What fun. Seriously, though, this game is so rad. Definitely going to try and platinum both of them. Gotta get that trophy collection shining, right?! Detroit: Become Human (PS4). Playing this with my Dad and it’s rad (I made a rhyme!). It’s such an unusual game, but I adore it. I can’t wait to see how it ends! Back log I’ve got waaaaay too many games that I start and then… just never finish. I’ll get round to them! These are ones that I’ve started and then put down, for whatever reason. Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu (Switch) Zelda: Breath of the Wild (Switch) Skyrim (PS4) – platinum quest Pokemon Moon (3DS) Spyro 3: Year of the Dragon (PS4) Shadow of the Tomb Raider (PS4) Kingdom Come Deliverance (PS4) Kingdom Hearts 2 (PS4) – platinum quest Murdered: Soul Suspect (PS4) And that’s not including games I’ve bought and not started. I need lots of time indoors gaming this month, please. Aaaaaand that’s it for this month! Hope you enjoyed my ramblings and getting to know the blogger behind the screen a little bit better. What have you been watching and playing this month? Lemme know in the comments below! Related