Why Bethenny Frankel is the boss of The Real Housewives
Bethenny Frankel is an absolute boss, there’s no denying it. She’s a savvy business woman, a fierce friend and an even fiercer enemy. As she says in one of her ‘RHONY’ taglines, “if you can’t handle the truth, you can’t handle me.” Truer words have never been spoken. With Season 11 of ‘The Real Housewives of New York City’ having come to an end, it’s only fitting that we look back at some of Bethenny’s finest (er – I guess it depends on how you look at it) moments. Scary Island Ah, the infamous Scary Island trip, where Kelly Bensimon was constantly stuffing jellybeans down her throat like some sort of maniacal toddler. Kelly clearly wasn’t a fan of Miss Frankel, who claimed she was having dreams that Bethenny was going to stab her with a knife. Uh… okay. She also found it “creepy” that B referred to herself as a chef, sobbed that her gift embroidered with her initials on it was “impersonal”, and was deeply disturbed that Bethenny attacked her friend Gwyneth. You know, Paltrow. Duh. The insanity all got a bit too much for B to handle, where she yelled the iconic “GO TO SLEEP!” line at Bensimon, much to Kelly’s disgust. Little did she know, it would become a line that Housewives stans would scream at each other for years to come. I could write an entire think piece on the events that unfolded on Scary Island – and perhaps one day I will – but Bethenny’s ‘RHONY’ career spans way more than just this golden vacation. There are so many iconic Bethenny Frankel moments to feast our eyes on. Her Ramona impressions Oh, Ramona. Your Pinot-fuelled antics will forever be iconic, from Googling the meaning of “white trash” to running off mid-reunion to go and pee. She truly is one of a kind. One of my favourite things about Ramona, though, is B’s impressions of her. Remember that time the Singer Stinger swooped in and hit on Red Scarf Guy™, who was hitting on both B and Carole? What other tricks does she have to pull out of her pinot-filled hat? Regardless, it made for one of the funniest ‘RHONY’ moments of all time. Bethenny really has those crazy eyes down. Speaking of her impressions, her one of Luann is absolutely spot on. For a second, I thought she’d transformed into a 6ft-something drag queen. One word: Bezerkshires There’s something in the air at the Berkshires that makes the women lose their sh*t. Perhaps it’s Dorinda’s over-exuberance on the decorations (she makes it nice, okay?), the lighting that you just can’t turn off (unless you rip it down from the wall), or the array of night-wear stashed away for your taking. Whatever it is, the women always seem to lose their minds when they visit poor Dorinda, but none of them go quite as cray cray Bethenny. Poor Dorinda, she always tries her best. How could they do this to her, question mark. It’s hard to pick a favourite Bethenny Berkshires moment – they’re all so iconic – from her crying hysterically while Heather flaps around her like some sort of smiley Godmother – to her laying it all on Luann, there’s something in the air that just seems to change her. Please never miss a Berkshires trip. Like, ever. “It’s about Tom” Speaking of Lu – her on again off again frenemy – there was also this iconic interaction. I don’t even know why it’s so iconic. It just kind of… is. Her cold delivery of the no-nonsense truth bomb is something I’d quote every day if I could. On a serious note, though, it’s nice to see women having each other’s backs in these kind of situations. Although they scream at each other to no end (see pretty much any gif in this post…), when it comes down to it, B’s there to drop the truth. Take that, Ramona-You-Don’t-Support-Other-Women-Singer. Her bluntness (rudeness?) Bethenny isn’t one to beat about the bush. She’s more the type to hit you over the head with it, branches and all. That’s exactly why she makes for such golden television. One of my absolute favourite Bethenny moments was pretty much any time she spent with Heather. Hola-dropping Heather, who said everything behind the gate of her pearly whites. These two women are as different as what Luann thinks her singing voice sounds like and what it actually sounds like. Heather, bless her, couldn’t understand why B didn’t want much to do with her. It came to the point where Bethenny had to spell it out for her, in her usual brutal terms. She’s just not that into you, boo. (Also: I say “I’d rather eat glass than ___” on a daily basis. Thanks, B! Her talking heads are gold Speaking of her golden one liners, B is full of them. Her talking heads, specifically, are a gold mine of quotes to whip out when you want someone to get off your jock. From calling Luman Luann a drag queen, to uttering the ever-quotable “that is so 2000 and who cares”, she drops more zingy one liners than Sonja drops interns – and that’s a lot. That time she insulted Ramona right to her face We’ve all been there. We’ve all insulted our friend to their face, asking “who would want to look like this person?” as they pose like some sort of weird She-Hulk/bodybuilder hybrid back in the 80s. No, just B? Okay then. Thankfully, Ramona seemed to take it in good faith, though this was way back in season 2. I wonder if she’d be as chill about it if it happened now… Her S11 breakdown After months of attending the Countess’ cabaret shows (who wants to go to cabaret five times in one month?), Bethenny finally snapped when the group of gal pals took their trip last season. After gloating about her cabaret to no end, mocking Tinsley’s slur and generally being a pretty bad friend (though to be fair to Lu, she has had a lot on her plate), Bethenny saw red. While watching her have a panic attack play out on global television was uncomfortable, Bethenny still fired out iconic line after iconic line, all in Luann’s direction. Yeesh, you don’t wanna get on her bad side. She’s super transparent Bethenny is also one of the most open Housewives, somehow displaying pretty much her whole life on the show for us vulture viewers to feast our eyes on. From her dealing with her grief with losing Dennis, to her issues with her ex-husband, to detailing her near-death experience with her allergies. Bethenny really does open up a door and invite us into her bizarre world, and Housewives wouldn’t be the same without her. Her intolerance to bullsh*t Call it what you want: honesty, bluntness, rudeness (probably all three, to be fair), but Bethenny certainly says it like it is. There’s little backstabbing when it comes to the business mogul. Whatever she’d say behind your back she’d quite happily say to your face. In most cases, she’d prefer to. If we could all be a little bit more like Bethenny Frankel, the world would certainly be… uh… a more interesting place, to say the least. Whatever your opinion on Bethenny, you’ve gotta admit, she does come out with some zingy one liners. I guess you could say that she mentions it all… To fill the void in my life now that ‘RHONY’ is over, I’m gonna binge every season again in all of it’s hilarious, bitchy glory. Can the next season last 52 episodes, please? Thanks. Want more binge-worthy TV to sink your teeth into? Check out my review of Amazon’s ‘Good Omens’, or my spoiler-free review of Netflix’s hit show ‘Dead To Me’. Related