Scott Kelby - Title Tracks on Exposure
So, my wife Kalebra comes to me one day recently and says "How would you like to collaborate on a photo project?" I didn't even know what it was, but I said, "I'm in!" She is such a creative force, and that's an area I've struggled with for a while, which is why I've been asking Kalebra to art direct so many of my recent projects. Well, I was already "in" (she had me at "How..."), but once I heard her concept, it's just so "us" that I couldn't wait to shoot it.Here's how she describes the series, which she calls "Title Tracks:" "It's a photo series based on song titles, but instead of simply interpreting the song as written, we reinterpret it with our own meaning, and that becomes the image."She tells me, "It's a collaboration: I'll come up with the concept, I'll art direct it, and I'll even style it. You do all the lighting, shooting, and retouching parts. It's something we can create together." I was all over it!She added, "Let's get our video team to document it - I'd like for the kids to have it - a video of us collaborating on a creative project together. You know that will mean a lot to them."It will mean a lot to us, too.So, our personal photo project has begun, and the first song Kalebra chose to reinterpret in this multi-photo series was "Say Something" by the duo "A Great Big World." (link to preview the song on iTunes).Here's how she describes the story: "Our story is of a composer obsessed with the piece of music he cannot finish. He believes it is the one he was born to create and he has followed its path anywhere and everywhere so long as he could continue to work on finishing it but tonight he is driven to despair - out of money, time and talent he's ready to give up on his "love." If only it would speak itself to him, and just "say something."