First Impression | Stephen Broughton
I have finished my revision for MAS252 (Methods For Solving Differential Equations, in case you wanted to know). I say finished - I have finished all that I'm going to do. I am disappointed in my self in that I haven't written up all my notes, and knowing my post-exam record, they probably will not get done. It is true when they say a stitch in time saves nine. Anyway, I want to impress someone. Oh how do I do that? I'm not remarkable, I'm not especially different and my interests are simple and boring. Oh well, never mind. Maybe someone might appreciate the weighty baggage of my mind. As I was saying to David, my fantasies help me through the day - not that the day is difficult. But fantasies help keep me optimistic. Hence my post yesterday (or today, I forget which - sorry wl!) about whether someone can live with fantasies constantly on my mind. A theme runs through my fantasies though - I am admired, appreciated, loved and respected. These appear to be my goals - whether or not they