Once Again a Blackout – A Fact Finding Report on Kopardi Rape and Murder | Satyashodhak
While the pain and shock of the three heart-wrenching, violent killings at Kherda, Javkheda and Sonai are still fresh in the memory, yet another horrific sexual assault had cut a young girl's life short at Kopardi (taluka Karjat), Ahmednagar on 13th July 2016. In such cases, generally, the needle of suspicion points at the lumpen and anti-social elements in the village. This fractures the peaceful co-existence of the village dwellers by disturbing their social interactions & relationships. Journalists, crusaders, intellectuals and social workers in cities analyze such tragic incidents and present their varied viewpoints and facts with limited understanding. As a result, a lot of them get recognition for their work of revealing the truth. However, they don't have any concrete answers for the rehabilitation of the displaced miscreants in the society. Karjat and Jaamkhed are two drought ridden taluks in the agriculturally prosperous and politically active Ahmednagar district of