Maratha Kranti Morcha – Why are Marathas taking to the streets? | Satyashodhak
While reporting about Maratha Kranti Morcha (Literally: Maratha Revolution March), English and local media have repetitively accused these Morchas of being politically motivated and Sharad Pawar being the instigator of these agitations. Nothing can be farther from truth. These rallies, albeit well-organized are not sponsored by one political party or ideology. This is a rare moment when Maratha community has gathered under one banner, cutting across political spectrum as well as different ideologies. For the first time, politically and ideologically fragmented Marathas have gathered together to lodge their protest for different problems faced by community. These Morchas are receiving tremendous response from all parts of Maharashtra. Many of the so-called political pundits have predicted that these Morchas won't receive response beyond Marathwada. Their incompetence and prejudiced ignorance will be exposed when these Morchas go down in every districts of Maharashtra. Many of the