MADE IN THE NORTH: The tale of Corned beef hash and other classic British dishes from the Chop Houses | Sam's Chop House Manchester
INTRODUCTION - Roger Ward WHY I FELL IN LOVE WITH MANCHESTER'S CHOP HOUSES My intention was to put into words why I fell in love with Manchester's Chop Houses. Then I realised I should put into words why I fell in love with the city first. Manchester occupies a strange place in people's minds. They say it's grim up North. But not here, they don't. And they think they know what we are about. I'm not so sure the city's position in the world is fully appreciated. Cotton mills spun Manchester into being the wealthiest city on earth for a time. And this inland town turned itself into a sea port to protect its industry, even though it is 36 miles from the coast. The Ship Canal proved Manchester's ability to grasp big ideas and its determination to try to change the world. It also proved the city's ability to dig its way out of trouble. This is a place which is fiercely proud of its independence. It didn't have permanent representation in parliament until 1832, yet it led the