What Does 2019 Hold for Food and Ag?
When it came to making future predictions, Carnac the Magnificent was on top of his game. Too bad for us, it’s tougher predicting what the coming year may hold for food and agriculture. Unlike me, Johnny Carson had the benefit of a gifted sense of humour, complimented by a team of very skilled writers on The Tonight Show, which delivered prognostications that brought a smile to most. Unfortunately, when it comes to food and agriculture, the future may be predictable, but isn’t humorous. The current situation is that with the level of global food insecurity stubbornly remaining above 800 million people, changes are required this year that will contribute to reducing this level. In the first decade of the 21st century, progress was made on reducing food insecurity, but the FAO reports that in 2017, the number of food insecure rose for the third straight year in a row, back to levels of a decade earlier. So how can we combat a predictive increase of food insecurity?