What Is RDP ? (For What Purpose It Used) | SadeemRDP
What Is RDP Server (Remote Desktop Server) ? The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) is the network protocol used by Terminal Service client devices for client-to-server session communication. The RDP protocol actually transmits keystrokes and mouse movements from the client to the server, and screen images from the server to the client. This protocol is also responsible for connecting client resources, such as mapping a user's clipboard, local drives, and local ports, as well as printing and encryption RDP Server Is Just Like Your Personal Computer. The Main Difference Between In Personal Computer & RDP Server Is Speed. RDP Server Have Powerful System Hardware And Configuration. I Like RAM, HDD, CPU, GPU Better Than Your Personal PC. RDP Server Can Be Used at Same To By Many Users For Working Separately. For What Purpose RDP Used ? Now a Days RDP Used Widely Around The World For Blogger, Encoders, Uploaders, Torrenters, YouTubers And Many More Categories. RDP Used For