What Difference Between Basic, Admin, Encoding and Private RDP ? | SadeemRDP
Trial, Starter and Basic RDP: Starter and Basic RDP Plans do not have admin access, means you cannot install any software yourself, you have to request us to install that software for you. Or Open Support Ticket To Request Software Installation *Some Limitations Of Trial/Starter/Basic Plan Must Consider Before Buying ! Installing Hacking/Bot/VPN softwares strictly NOT allowed. Refund Policy not applies to this product category for policy violation and wrong purchase. No Admin Access, All softwares that need admin rdp should be used in admin rdp only. Mass mailing, jingling, hitleap, encoding, game servers, botting are some activities which are totally banned ! Camtasia and Video editing software are NOT allowed in Starter and Admin rdp, you need to buy Encoding rdp for that. Video Streaming is strictly banned in All Rdp plans OBS and Xsplit are banned in Trial/Starter/Basic/Admin & Encoding rdp and there is No refund for such case Admin RDP: Admin RDP Plans are allowed to