5 tips for running in the (extreme) cold | RunRestRun Magazine
Air is your friend. When it gets really cold, I'm talking below 15F (-7C), wear a baggy outer layer. Sweat pants, or loose running pants are your friend, as the air between your layers creates a great insulation barrier. Tights or tight fitting clothing often allow the cold to cut through to your skin. It's all about the gloves and hat. Focus on finding the right gloves and hat to guarantee your extremities stay warm (don't be bashful, get the biggest, warmest gloves an Alaskan heliskier would be proud of), then you can be more forgiving with your core layers. This will allow you to feel lighter, so you can run faster, while still keeping warm. Preheat and reheat indoors. This especially helps for long runs. If you can run for short periods of time indoors, whether it be a hallway, treadmill, a lobby of a building, or whatever place you can find that is heated, this will help bring your core body temperature back to normal before heading back out onto the roads again. Try doing 20