What’s one element of your daily routine? Walk my pup! LILO What’s the first CD you bought for yourself? (music?) One more time… Britney Spears. Who’s your hometown hero? My Aunty Dawn Who was your high school celeb crush/hero? Aaron Carter Favourite childhood fad/trend? Low rider jeans, platform sandals, butterfly clips, flares with huge skate shoes, crop tops, denim mini skirts with built in underwear (wow), triangle dresses made from scarves, diamontes, studs, ‘slut’ strands… the list goes on. My style has always been quite scattered - I try everything. What was your favourite pre-social-media activity? MSN, I just love a good chat with my friends ! Always have. Most cherished trinket that you have kept over the years? When I was born my grandma bought me a stuffed toy bunny, Lulu. I still have it and I will never let go of it. Which late musician do you wish you could’ve seen live? Aaliyah Funniest rumour said about you? Ahhhh so many but this is my favourite…. Once a girl (who shall not be named) said that my best friend and I ate off chicken to get food poisoning so we could be thin… The most ridiculous and slightly vicious.. but also creative story yet! What is one little known fact about you? I love my dogs bad breath…. hehe! Cartoon that you grew up with? Dexter’s modern life/ rugrats. What movie/song can you recite word for word? Snoop Dogg - Ain’t no fun. Best advice you’ve ever been given? Pace yourself. High way toilets on the road from Kathmandu to Pokhara. Suman getting a shave. More highway toilets... A gold shop just near a prostitution district. Lots of pink in Nepal.