1. What’s one element of your daily routine? Exfoliate with oatmeal face scrub and then a mix of Weleda skin food and natural rosehip oil for my super dry skin. 2. What’s the first CD you bought for yourself? (music?) Britney spears, hit me baby one more time :) 3. Who’s your hometown hero? My auntie Sharon, she is the most caring and brave lady in the world. 4. Who was your high school celeb crush/hero? Spike from Buffy 5. Favourite childhood fad/trend? Feathers in my hair. 6. What was your favourite pre-social-media activity? Doing spells. 7. Most cherished trinket that you have kept over the years? My Mcdonalds chip (Chip the cup from Beauty and the Beast) toy from like 1994 8. Which late musician do you wish you could’ve seen live? ELVIS! 9. Funniest rumour said about you?That I used to beat up year 11's in year 7. 10. What is one little known fact about you? I can do the splits 11. Cartoon that you grew up with? Ren and Stimpy 12. What movie/song can you recite word for word? SO many, Titanic, Little women and True romance come to mind first 13. Best advice you’ve ever been given? Every single thing Baz Luhrman says in the song 'Sunscreen.