Remaking ‘Luminance-gradient-dependent lightness illusion’ with R - (en) The R Task Force
A blogpost inspired by a tweet and a YouTube video. ‘Luminance-gradient-dependent lightness illusion’ Table of Contents ‘Luminance-gradient-dependent lightness illusion’The R CodeWhat’s behindFurther reading : In the last days, I’ve stumbled upon this tweet: A demo of lightness perception pic.twitter.com/BSVpgcuIw1 — Akiyoshi Kitaoka (@AkiyoshiKitaoka) August 12, 2018 Which is a demonstration of how our perception of color is affected by the lightness surrounding this color. Also recently, I’ve been watching the useR 2018 YouTube recordings, which contains a video called The Grammar of Animation, presenting {gganimate} a package by Thomas Lin Pedersen extending the {ggplot2} grammar of graphics to include animation. If you want to know more aboutRead More →