The A to Z Blogging Challenge: L is for Leaving A Shoe At The Ball - Rock Paper Spirit Daily
Today I want to write about something a little bit different. It’s not an item that is currently on my wish list or something that I daydream about at the present time. Today L is going to stand for Leaving A Shoe At The Ball. If you’re at all familiar with western fairy tales, you’ll know the story of Cinderella. Western readers are reading this and thinking, “Who doesn’t know the story of Cinderella?” But lets not forget that the internet is global and so is my blog. There are a large number of readers from other cultures who have never heard of Charles Perrault or read his fairy tales and never seen a Disney movie. So, lets begin by saying, if you don’t know the story of Cinderella, this blog will make no sense to you. When I was a little girl, way back in the mid-80s, I first heard the story of Cinderella and I fell in love with the romanticism of the tale. There was something very endearing about the idea that no matter how bad your life is, love can change it all. Somebody can walk into your life and change your circumstances completely. In Cinderella’s case, he took her away from a cruel family, a life of servitude and no clear way out and replaced it with… becoming a princess. Which, as an adult, I can see might still involve a cruel family, a life of servitude (to your country) and no way out, but as a four-year-old, all I could see was the happy ending. I became obsessed. Every child has their obsessions. My son‘s was dinosaurs at that age. If you have children you’ll know that they latch onto something like a story or a character or a movie and they just can’t let it go. They live it out and recite lines from it and know every detail. Or maybe that was just me and my son? Anyway, I became so obsessed with the story that I insisted everyone call me Cinderella. My name wasn’t Sharon, it was Cinderella. I wrote it on the bedroom door. I had a birthday cake shaped like Cinderella’s coach for my fourth birthday. That story was EVERYTHING. And then one day, it just wasn’t. As an adult, I still love the story. It’s guiding me, I believe. I couldn’t decide what to study next year and decided to take a year out, until I saw a module on another degree course that studies Charles Perrault’s works and I changed my mind. I’m now switching degrees from BA Arts & Humanities to BA English Literature and Creative Writing. When I’m starting to write a new story, anything that isn’t Leger, I start with the story of Cinderella in my head and use it as a springboard to go somewhere else. Of course, where I end up is nowhere near that but if you look closely at The Tangled Web and Cherry Lips, and my other stories when they’re eventually released, you’ll see that there’s a through-line there between those stories and Cinderella. It’s still EVERYTHING. As for leaving a shoe at the ball, what I said earlier about this not currently being on my wish list is not strictly true. I would love to go to a ball. Like, an actual real ball. It’s unlikely to ever happen because I don’t have the opportunity to mix in the kind of social circles where balls happen. I mean, in this day and age, they only happen as charity events or for graduations, don’t they? And because I’m a distance learning student, there will be no ball for me. I left school before my own prom and I don’t have the disposable income to pay for a ticket to a charity ball. If I ever did find myself at a ball, I would definitely leave a shoe behind, just for the hell of it. I spend half my life in Dr. Martens and the rest in other boots, and even wore them under my wedding dress… You can see where I’m going with this. That’s going to a) take some time to remove so the thrill won’t be there, b) raise some serious questions about why I’ve left a giant boot at a classy event and c) be a complete waste of money. I’d still do it though. The A to Z Blogging Challenge has a day off tomorrow because it’s Sunday so I’ll be publishing a review post instead and then on Monday I’m writing about M for Marble. Over on my author site today, I’m writing about L for Loved Ones. You can also check out another project I’ve been working on this week, my rejuvenated old beauty blog, which has had a makeover and will be reactivated now. It’s been renamed Cherry Lip Kiss and you can find it at