Holy Hell, Dash is giving away my books!!! And he's signing them too… | RobynPeterman
This is Dash. An all around athlete who reads the shit out of books—my books. I'm married to Dash. Dash is going to give away some of my books. This month he has picked First in Series! One lucky winner will get autographed paperbacks of FASHIONABLY DEAD, READY TO WERE and SWITCHING HOUR. Dash says it's only fair that since he's helping me, he gets to sign them too. He's not sure yet if he's going to use a crayon or lipstick. He says he'll surprise me. Awesome. Dash has taken up meditation. He likes the way the hopping around makes his fro bounce… I know, I already talked to him. I don't think he understands the concept, but he feels a lot more peaceful. Speaking of fros, Dash tried to comb his fro. It didn't end well. As I write he's trying to extricate the broken pick from is curly locks. He's also sporting several band-aids. When you accidentally stab yourself with a broken plastic pick, you bleed—a lot. Call me crazy, but I think Dash is hot. Have a great day. I know Dash