CRACK FLOSS IS NOT FOR WEENIES and I have a new book… | RobynPeterman
"What are you doing?" my Hot Hubby asked. "I'm pulling my underwear out of my ass," I replied with an eye roll. "Um…isn't that a bit counterproductive?" he asked in the same tone he uses when he asks me if I'm having my period due to my throwing of objects. "What exactly are you implying?" I shot back with narrowed eyes as he carefully made his way to the door of my office. "I'm just saying I saw you put on a thong this morning. Isn't it supposed to be up your ass?" His brilliance stopped me mid yank. He was correct. I had purposely worn crack floss today because I didn't want panty lines. Damn it to hell. My hatred of panty lines was going to be the end of me. I pulled my hand from my back side and tried to think happy thoughts. Puppies and kitties were not making the permanent wedgie go away. It was either suffer for my fashion or keep my hand at my crack all day. I decided to suffer. Hands at cracks are not lady like. Period. Oookay, this blog should really be