Answered on Quora: Why can't we shorten NS (Singapore) to one year? | Robert Sim, Digital Guy
First, let's look at the basic training regiment. Officers goes through officer cadet course after basic military training. All in all, it takes 9 months to complete the course. NCOs goes through specialist training after basic military training. That takes 6 months. Others varies, depending on vocation and unit. Great! If the service cuts off at 1 year mark, everyone will be happy! However, after the basic training, there are other activities that reinforces the training. Some get shipped out to other countries for military exercises. Some stay put in camp, but applying what they are trained to do. As NSF, you get ingrained with what you have learned for the remainder of your active time. After you ORD and go through ICT, even though your first cycle might be rusty, but what you learnt and applied during your active days will not leave you. The subsequent cycles will be more fluid. Additionally, the training schedule above excludes less than ideal cases of people who have to drop out