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So, my sons and I restored a 1974 VW Thing and in the process we located three key items - a Shop Manual, an Illustrated Parts manual and a Parts Interchange Guide. I took over 8 hours to scan them (color, fold outs, worn pages - so the 1000 pages could not be easily scanned!). I started selling them and then some guy ripped off my work and started selling my work as his. So I went back to the drawing board and re-scanned to sell a high resolution version on a CD. But because I host this website for our family business, I thought I also would put the PDF's on here for free so they can be downloaded.Enjoy these THREE FREE DOWNLOADS by clicking on these three links below:VW Thing Service Manual - AllVW Parts InterchangeVW Thing Parts ManualIf you prefer to download each chapter of the Service Manual individually, use these links:1 - VW Thing Contents2 - A - Body3 - B- Brakes4 - E - Electrical5 - F - Gas Heater Section Only6 - H - Transmission Rear Suspension7 - K - Fuel EGR8 - K-S