Taxi Searchers – Ch. 5: Conclusion pt. I | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
Purchase the book containing bonus content via Amazon! It is my contention now that THE SEARCHERS and TAXI DRIVER both, despite their aforementioned flaws, carry within their analyses vital lessons to grasp about our current cultural milieu regarding both the presidencies of Barack Obama as well as Donald Trump and the American gun culture. Both are the locations of great anxieties within the American polity. I would contend that THE SEARCHERS and its tackling of the question of inter-ethnic marriage directly informs the challenges to Obama's birth status, last name, and whether he was a legitimate president, a nativist movement that went under the heading of Birtherism. And I would argue that TAXI DRIVER imparts to viewers lessons and insights about the machismo underlying a portion of the gun culture that embraces nihilism and paranoia about the relationship between the individual and the state. First, it is worthwhile to articulate a brief summary of black and brown voter trends.