Taxi Searchers – Ch. 4: You Lookin' At Me? pt. VII | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
Purchase the book containing bonus content via Amazon! In the case of Ford, contra Eckstein, Ethan Edwards does not incestuously desire Debbie. Rather, he and the rest of the men who look with guarded approval of his mission to "rescue" her are in fact confronting within themselves a homoerotic desire for Chief Scar and American Indian masculinity they feel threatened by. Their fear of the masculinity they desire is externalized and objectified into their hyper-masculine, misogynist fetish over "protecting" the European women in their community. Note the sexual undertones made manifest by Ethan's dialogue in this clip. Following Césaire's logic, we now see them equated with the fascists of the next generation and their violent actions towards the colonized peoples they encounter akin to the Nazi persecution of minorities in Europe. The final battle between the charging cowboys and the encampment of Comanches is roughly equivalent to the Warsaw ghetto uprising. From here we see the