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Purchase the book containing bonus content via Amazon! The preparation for the attack on the Comanche village to rescue Debbie carries little of the drama that is seen as Travis arms himself for his attack that closes the film. During the preparation sequence, Travis, stripped to the waist, holds a tightly clenched fist over a flame... Implying ritual purification, this also symbolically replaces retributive rain with apocalyptic fire (183). The Ford film does, however, feature a wedding ceremony that is interrupted by the alert to the location of Scar's camp. Weddings are ceremonies that are loaded with purity symbols, perhaps most blatantly in the case of the bride's white dress. As the cowboys leave the scene, Laurie Jorgenson engages in her infamous racist diatribe. Laurie: You're not goin', not this time. Martin: Are you crazy? Laurie: It's too late. She's a woman grown now. Martin: But I gotta go, Laurie, I gotta fetch her home. Laurie: Fetch what home? The leavings a Comanche