Andrew Stewart: #FeelTheBern About CLR James on the Centennial of the Russian Revolution | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
Perhaps this is a talent that I retain from my days as a Catholic and its teachings about full consent of the will in the commissioning of a sin but I for some reason am capable of putting myself into the shoes of other people from time to time. In this sense I am able to understand the mindset of the average Bernie-crat and how their thinking operates. First, I think there are a few objective observations that should be acknowledged. The most immediate and important one for me is the simple fact that the Sanders campaign, despite its milquetoast demands and actual status as merely New Dealer Keynesian welfare state capitalist politics, did indeed finally break the longstanding Cold War liberal taboos around the word 'socialism'. After decades of Democrats running away in terror from the label, most recently in the case of Barack Obama, Sanders demonstrated that one can run as a socialist in American politics and not earn the immediate opprobrium that previously was attendant such a