Dr. Tony Monteiro: The Moral Bankruptcy of Capitalism and the Black Radical Tradition as Socialist Alternative | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
SPEECH JANUARY 8, 2016 AT OPENING PEOPLE'S ASSEMBLY OF THE RECLAIMING OUR FUTURE: THE BLACK RADICAL TRADITION IN OUR TIME CONFERENCE Welcome to Philadelphia, Welcome to North Philadelphia, Welcome to Temple University. Welcome to the city, where as Professor Mark Taylor eloquently put it, the myth of American democracy and origins was invented and where the rituals and symbologies of that myth continue to be practiced and visited. Sandra Bland and Tamir Rice your young beautiful lives still matter, Natasha McKenna, Walter Scott, Freddie Gray, Laquan McDonald, the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church Nine your lives matter, Reckia Boyd, Michael Brown, Eric Garner your beautiful lives still matter. Our gay, lesbian, transgendered and drag queen family your beautiful black lives matter. To the 1.5 million Black men who have literally disappeared from the American social landscape, your beautiful lives matter. To the over two million Black people in prison, or in some way under the