Andrew Stewart: Providence Teachers Rally In Opposition to Charter School Expansion | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
On January 19, Providence teachers held a rally at Classical High School, located directly across the street from the district administration building, opposing the effort to expand the Achievement First charter school so significantly it would do irreparable and ultimately terminal damage to the school district. Track 1: Mark Santow | Track 2: Mike Araujo The city of Providence has a large population of black/brown students centered in the Olneyville and South Providence neighborhoods. Many of these residents are also Latinx, with a significant percentage hailing from the Dominican Republic. Along with Spanish, there has been a notable influx of Mayans who speak K'iche' as their first language within the past few years. Following the November 2016 election, there was a calculated and intentional effort in these communities to get as many children into the country as possible before the January 2017 inauguration of Donald Trump. This has lead to as many as two or three newly-arrived