Andrew Stewart: Green Party Identity Question | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
The true utopianisms today are precisely the modest social democratic attempts... [Thomas Piketty's book Capital in the Twenty-First Century] is a utopian book at its purest. Why? On account of its very modesty! -Slavoj Zizek, May 2014 Is the Green Party a labor party that just so happens to not have a labor movement or is it the materialization of an eco-socialist movement that combines the praxis of environmentalism with socialism? Some would consider this a wasteful exercise but it actually matters a great deal. Perhaps the distinction between a labor party and a socialist party seems to be hair-splitting nonsense but it in fact is quite pronounced owing to the absolute goals of the two being diametrically opposed. A labor party and corresponding labor movement functions like a shock absorber in the capitalist system. It places itself between its worker base and the capitalist edifice and tries to lighten the shocks along the roadway to the member chassis. If that means the