Andrew Stewart: Blame Obama for Trump | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
There all sorts of reasons being offered for the election of Donald Trump to the White House. People want to blame the Green Party, Libertarians, the rightward shift in American politics, and provolone cheese for this. Yet the answer is quite obvious and clear to anyone with half a clue and enough bravery to contemplate this. Last night white working class non-union voters repudiated the eight years of Barack Obama's objectively awful policies. The key point to grasp here is that Trump's appeal was not defined by a rightward shift in the body politic. All the surveys and statistics show clearly that the country is overwhelmingly pro-choice, anti-war, pro-civil liberties, and pro-LGBTQQI. There is a discernible level of white supremacy in the population but that crosses party lines. As I said previously, Trump advocated for several positions to the left of Clinton and I think it is clear that those positions handed him a victory. Despite anti-working class identity politics the Clinton