Andrew Stewart: Complete interview transcript with Ted Siedle on his third pension audit | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
This material is lightly edited and abridged. The drop of 2.5% in the pension fund is a perfect wealth transfer in comparison to the 2.5% gain in Raimondo's Point Judith Fund. What to say to voters in RI? As the fund is entering it's ten year wind-down, the losses are mounting. So eyes should be on what happens to that fund over the next period before it closes down and ultimately shuts down. The point is as it nears its final accounting the loss is growing. So I would just tell you all watch it, watch it closely! READ MORE: WHAT ARE HEDGE FUNDS? We have a lot of State Representatives going up for reelection even though Magaziner and Raimondo have that midterm [2018] election because of the way they [stagger] out our election cycle. This [Point Judith] fund should have been dumped a long time ago… It's a perfect wealth transfer. As you go into an election the real issue is it is now obvious to everybody that's there going to have to be another pension fix down the pipeline. The pension