Andrew Stewart: Donald Trump, Hellspawn Of American Liberalism | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
What is Donald Trump if not the beneficiary of American liberalism? He did not arise from anything but Democratic Party policies over the past century that benefited the petit bourgeois land owner while carrying along the middle and working classes. Since at least the Goldwater campaign, the city of New York, his home town and base of operations, has been seen as the absolute bastion of a political system that everyone in the conservative/neoconservative vanguard loathed. His success is totally defined by the allowances of liberalism for his bad behaviors on the one hand and the liberal nomenklatura's sensationalist, too-little-too-late defense of civil liberties in the name of their own awful record on those same liberties. Consider for example his well-known housing discrimination case dating back to 1963. Trump was caught using a system of devices to keep black and brown people from moving into his properties alongside his father. But there is zero mention in all that coverage that