Jeff Johnson: Our Brave New World | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
We live in a political dystopia— where it is far more important for a candidate to have a "D" or an "R" next to his name than to have good ideas— where "democracy" is managed by the Democrats and the Republicans, two crooked institutions overseen by elites peddling neoliberalism, imperialism and ecocidal unfettered growth as the answer to our woes. The Citizens United decision and the Democratic Party's superdelegates are symptomatic of the systemic dysfunction of our political process. The owners of this country, corporate oligarchs and their lobbyists, have hijacked our election system, dictating policy by lining the campaign pockets of elected officials like James Langevin. That is why, when choosing to run for the 2nd District, I could not, with clear conscience, run as a member of the Democratic Party, an institution that sold itself (and the American public) long ago to perpetual war and corporate greed. Our election system, concentrated in the hands of two major parties,