Andrew Stewart: My letter to the ProJo re: McNamara/Bell Round 1 | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
Oh joy, Joe McNamara is actually crazy enough to get into a pissing contest with Sam Bell of the Progressive Democrats! Shmoopkins*, put on an extra pot of coffee, this is going to be a long one! I mailed this into the Journal, mostly because I am beside myself with glee that Joe actually has gone this far. However, because Edward Achorn has an editorial policy that says something somewhere about something, I am not sure if he will actually run this. I recently read of the Democratic Party's ownership of grassroot gains and changes that our most famous Nietzsche scholar wishes to take away from the list of successful grassroots movement trophies in the name of a silly game he wants to play with Sam Bell ('Real' Democrats have reform record, 8/18/16). The reality is that Joe McNamara's party platform, which emerged from a rigged convention that disenfranchised our elected delegates in the name of super-delegates like he, is a platform that John Chaffee would have felt comfortable on 40