Andrew Stewart: Stephen Kinzer on American Foreign Policy | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
Stephen Kinzer is a longtime international correspondent whose reportage from news desks around the world has proven to be both provocative and controversial over the past several decades. Whether it is Latin America or the Middle East, his insights can be either invigorating or infuriating depending on one's own political persuasion. He commutes into Providence to serve as a Fellow at Brown University's Watson Institute. We sat down for an interview recently to discuss American foreign policy and its contours moving into this election season. His next book, The True Flag, is about the Anti-Imperialist League at the start of the last century and will be published at the end of January 2017. RELATED STORY: What Anti-War Activists Should Protest For: Eric Draitser Explains the Multi-Polar World On our standing in the international arena among superpowers such as Russia or China with policies toward Eurasia: We're certainly very far from the place we thought we would be at the end of