Andrew Stewart: Cooler-Warmer Creator Speaks! | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
The July 29, 2016 edition of the Clinton Campaign Newsletter (aka New York Times) featured a story on Milton Glaser, the graphic designer who is responsible for the now-infamous Cooler-Warmer tourism logo that Gov. Raimondo commissioned and took a great deal of heat over earlier this year. Glaser, who also is responsible for the I ♥ NY logo that has received a much different reaction worldwide, had the Grey Lady describe his Ocean State adventures this way: Mr. Glaser's touch has not always been so golden. When he tried to recapture the magic for the State of Rhode Island this year with the slogan "Warmer and Cooler," people complained that the design was trite and overreaching, ultimately forcing the state's chief marketing officer to resign. "There was an explosion of negativity on the internet," Mr. Glaser said, still marveling at the depth of the rancor. "You wouldn't believe all the things that I got on the internet: 'Give the money back you son of a bitch,' 'You got $400,000