Andrew Stewart: Chomsky/Varoufakis NY Public Library Conversation | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
If there is one piece of media that can help you understand What has happened to Greece, What is now going on in France, and What is coming next for America, it is this one. The conversation between Varoufakis, the Syriza finance minister who refused to sell his country out, and Chomsky, the man who has been watching the rise, decline, and fall of the American dream, is a insider's view on global finance and how neoliberalism works. Some major points that come out from this: The major underlying theory of neoliberal economics, the game system ideas of thinkers like John Nash, are based in an idealized utopia where the basic coordinates of capitalist excess (monopolies, labor market competition, war, etc.) do not exist. It is not that they are negated by a control lever, they simply do not exist. If you add in Marx's labor theory of value...well...yeah... The financiers in Brussels who are dictating immense social turmoil, radical political upsurges for the Left and Right,