Andrew Stewart: Irish artist Jim Fitzpatrick on the Easter Rising and Irish politics | | Rhode Island Media Cooperative
Our demands most moderate are – We only want the earth! -James Connolly The name Jim Fitzpatrick might strike some in New England, a historic home of Irish Americans, as slightly common and nothing special. However, the Irish artist, now at work promoting works related to the centennial celebration of the 1916 Easter Rising that began the Irish revolution against British imperialism at the height of World War I, will be familiar to the many people who have seen his artwork across the globe. Consider this famous screen print of his: Now Fitzpatrick has turned his efforts to another revolutionary hero. James Connolly, the revolutionary socialist leader of the 1916 Easter rebellion, and his archive of writings have found a new lease on life in the past decade due to the collapse of the Celtic Tiger economy and austerity brought on by the European Union's dictatorship of capital. Fitzpatrick has memorialized he and his comrades in a recent series of prints that are available in three free