The Power of B-Complex
How Vitamin B-Complex Can Help A Hangover Are you always vulnerable to any unpleasant effects of too much drinking? If yes, you might experience headache, fatigue, nausea, and other pains and aches. What Causes Your Hangover? Alcohol is categorized as a diuretic, which means that drinking too much can lead you to dehydration. A membrane that surrounds your brain known as “dura” will shrink, which causes you to experience headache. You can experience fatigue because alcohol is depleting the B vitamins in your body. It can also lead to irritation in your stomach or intestines that can contribute to diarrhea, vomiting, or nausea. Get Rid of Your Hangover with Vitamin B-Complex A great way to relieve hangovers during the holidays is with the B-Complex or B-series of vitamins. Every time you drink alcohol, the vitamin B levels in your system tend to tap out which lead to varying hangover symptoms. So, B-complex supplementation can help you avoid a hangover. You can take vitamin B-complex before drinking alcohol to ensure that you have high vitamin B-levels and mitigate these levels while you drink. The supplement can also help you process the liquor effectively in your body. You can drink extra glasses of water along with the supplementation to keep you hydrated. One of the main ingredients in the Rebound patch is our array of B-Complex vitamins including of course the powerful B12. Instead of oral pills or drops our Rebound Hangover patch technology delivers the essential B vitamins through your skin for a long duration (about a day) so Rebound has you covered as you enjoy your libations! Final Thoughts A hangover can be your worst enemy as you wake up after drinking heavily. However, there are some ways on how you can lessen the symptoms. When you stick with the above ritual for taking vitamin B-complex, you can notice that you will feel better as you wake up in the morning. Thus, do not forget to keep your body hydrated and drink responsibly. Rebound hangover patch is fortified with B vitamins that slowly transfer your skin as you drink providing excellent relief after you finish!