How Potassium Can Help a Hangover
It was a long fun night clinking glasses of alcohol with your friends. However, upon waking up the next morning, it feels like someone is hammering your head. Nope, DO NOT drink another glass of alcohol to cure your hangover – even modest amounts. Painkillers might be your best option, but you should try eating foods or fruits that are rich in potassium instead. Or better yet put on our Rebound Hangover Patch! These solutions, especially our hangover cure patch, would surely work best, plus no side effects to deal with later! Does Potassium Help Relieve Hangover? Any person can get a hangover from drinking one or more alcoholic beverages. Alcohol increases urination, which eventually results in dehydration and upsurges potassium excretion. Eating foods or drinking liquids that have potassium can help get rid of your hangover symptoms. Potassium is an electrolyte which aids to conduct electricity as well as an essential mineral for proper body function. It provides various crucial roles in human bodies, such as helping the heart to function properly. Consuming enough amount of potassium will help in relieving the hangover symptoms. If your potassium blood level is low, you can experience muscle cramps and feel weak. The good news is that you don't need to spend too many bucks or go out of from your house and travel distances to buy something that could ease the hangover. Most can be found in your kitchen! Hangover Removed! Try these Natural Remedies Now Potassium is found in various types of foods. Vegetables and fruits are some amazing sources of potassium. Try foods like bananas, avocado, kiwi, coconut, spinach, and honey Of course, when you’re out and about these foods aren’t always available. Also, to get the necessary potassium needed to counter that pesky hangover you’ll need to eat quite a bit of these foods. No worries! The scientists at Omni Global Labs have infused potassium into the rebound hangover patch. We’ve the right amount of potassium to provide relive from hangover symptoms after drinking alcohol. Even if you’ve just a few drinks and want to feel your best after, the potassium in Rebound patch can get you recovered fast! Come shop our collection here