"The Book of Seth" at Pantheon Magazine | REBECCAJONESHOWE.COM
This is a little late but I’m currently in the bind of preparing for my sister’s wedding, so my writing endeavors have been lacking. Not that it matters, really. Procrastination is procrastination. Since I wrote “Eden” way back in 2011, I’ve been trying to rethink of ways to retell Bible stories in the modern day. It’s an interesting exercise, really, especially when you take the original tale waaaaaaaaaay out of its original context. I’m sure some people wouldn’t be into it, but the Bible gets interpreted in a billion different ways. For me, I just enjoy taking the standard tale and reworking the characters in a contemporary format. In this case, with my latest story, “The Book of Seth”, I took the Cain and Abel story and really jazzed it up. This story isn’t for everyone. I can’t say that it’s my most proudest accomplishment, but it was a fun bit of smut that I penned last summer. Read “The Book of Seth” now at Pantheon Magazine.