REVEALED: Complete cast of millennial movie 'G!' | Random Republika
Last week, the full cast of upcoming youth-oriented movie G! under Cineko Productions was revealed -- McCoy De Leon, Jameson Blake, Mark Oblea, Paulo Angeles, and Kira Balinger. G! will revolve around the lives of a barkada who will go on a series of crazy YOLO adventures. They will be out on a road trip to fulfill the bucket list of their friend Sam (McCoy De Leon) who is battling with cancer McCoy De Leon plays the role of cancer-stricken Sam. He shares in the interview below that he immersed himself in the situation by talking to people battling terminal illness. While McCoy remains mum about the intriguing stuff they did for the movie, the story conference last year tells us that Sam's bucket list included wild stuff like getting drunk until he drops, skinny dipping, getting a tattoo, and losing his virginity. These things may seem typically part of teenagers' lives but McCoy's character Sam has yet to experience them. Jameson Blake Mark Oblea The group's