"This Number is Busy" message with additional analyticsRajesh Naik | Rajesh Naik
Today, I re-dialed a "missed call" from an acquaintance, and got a busy tone with the message "this number is busy" in multiple languages. I was about to cancel the call when I heard "Press '1' to know more - we are piloting an analytics engine." I was intrigued, and pressed "1". Here is what was conveyed (the gist): "93% of the time, this subscriber disconnects his outgoing calls (gender confirmed through subscriber Profile data), before these calls are picked up. Most likely (86% probability), he is trying to save his call costs. He developed this habit earlier, but continues even when the free call limit is infinity." "His number is also busy most of time. That is because he is either inefficient in transacting his business quickly (34% probability) or is lonely and wants to prolong the conversation (43% probability), other reasons account for the rest of the probability." "If you can satisfy your requirements (information needs or your own need for chatting with someone) through